Active Assailant Training

Active Assailant Training

From school shootings to marauding attacks on our city streets, active assailant incidents are sadly becoming ever more commonplace. The perpetrators vary widely, from domestic and foreign assailants to those with a distorted sense of revenge. And with their methods, targets, motives and choice of weapons constantly evolving, attacks are hard to predict.

TASK can help.

TASK Insurance Group offers training, special insurance and crisis management services to help organizations prepare for these complex, ever-changing threats and recover quickly if an incident happens.

Active Assailant Insurance Coverage

If an active assailant attack occurs on your premises, coverage could be available for:

>Damage to your property

>Business interruption, up to 30 days of cover once your business reopens

>Lack of ingress/egress to your premises

>Extra expenses to help your business manage and recover

o   Public relations consultancy costs

o   Relocation expenses

o   Counselling costs

o   Medical expenses

o   Employee retraining costs

o   Replacement employee recruitment costs

o   Security costs